EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT IN CO-OPERATION WITH Deutsches Kuratorium für Therapeutisches Reiten e.V. (DKThR)


Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece announces series of seminars for the certification: «Specialist for psycho-educational therapy with horses» «Deutsches Kuratorium für Therapeutisches Reiten e.V. (DKThR)».

Ending the educational program successfully, you’ll be given a certificate also signed by the German Association Of Therapeutic Riding which is acknowledged in many european countries. The instructors will be from Germany and Greece yet the main instructor will be the internationally famous paedagogist Marietta Schulz.

The educational program consists of three 5-days seminars which cost 700€ each. There are also supplementary seminars which are announced during the program and are essential for the effective attendance of the whole program. The program addresses to psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers, special education teachers, occupational therapists, social workers, nurses and in general every profession in the area of health and/or education.

Attached you’ll find the curriculum.

For any further information or questions you can contact with us daily from 9:00-17:00 via telephone (+302107488566) or via e-mail:

The registrations have opened! You can download and fill the application here then send it scanned to


Deutsches Kuratorium für Therapeutisches Reiten e.V. (DKThR)

Freiherr von Langenstr. 8a, 48231 Warendorf




Specialist for psycho-educational therapy with horses  (DKThR/TRAG)

Based on the professional qualification

“Reit- und Voltigierpädagoge (DKThR)”, Germany

in addition to the Educational Program of TRAG, Greece

Intention of the Qualification

Based on the professional qualifications of the participants and in addition to the TRAG educational program, the DKThR curriculum submits the psycho-educational knowledge, the working principles and tools for the psycho-educational therapy with horses according to the standards of the DKThR, Germany.

Contents of the Qualification

Knowledge of the horse:

  • Selection and training of Horses for Therapy
  • Safety and health
  • Stable management
  • Working with experts

Psycho-educational therapy with horses:

  • Understanding the role of the therapist: The relationship triangle: therapist, client, horse.
  • How to build the relationship client/ horse
  • Building good relationships with clients
  • Psycho-educational intervention within the relationship triangle
  • Reflection on therapist behaviour
  • Aspects of psychomotor in relation to therapeutic vaulting and riding
  • Early intervention in children
  • Knowledge of different client groups
  • Working in single settings and group settings
  • Vaulting and riding in the psycho-educational  context: how to build a lesson
  • Using games and adventurous outdoor settings
  • Self-reflection
  • Group coaching
  • Observation and practise in different settings of  psycho-educational client sessions with horses
  • Setting short and long term goals for the client based on professional assessment of the clients requirements
  • Planning and carrying out of psycho-educational settings with the horse
  • Documentation of the treatment
  • Working in interdisciplinary teams
  • Working with parents

Method of teaching and examination

Following the seminars being held by TRAG, the course will be run in three five day classes within a maximum of 18 months. The course uses lectures, practical demonstrations and self-reflection. The classes will be held by Marietta Schulz, DKThR Germany. Experts from Greece will supplement the course.  Between classes the participants are asked to practice and observe a psycho-educational group or single setting for 20 hours. The homework assignment is a reflection of the observation.

The course ends with a colloquium on the contents of the course. The homework is part of the examination. The successful participant will be awarded with the title:

„Specialist for psycho-educational therapy with horses  (DKThR/TRAG)“

Starting date: 1.class: 15th May – 19th May 2016

2.class: 12th Nov – 15th Nov 2016.

3.class: 12th Apr – 16th Apr 2017

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