Organization and operational expenses, riding equipment and care of the horses, training assistants and trainers.. … These are just some of the costs that TRAG has to cover on a daily basis, in order to help improve the quality of life of people with special needs.

It’s important to know how you too can help them “gallop” on to their dream:

• As a volunteer programme assistant
• By contributing financially
• By sponsoring TRAG therapeutic and sports programmes

Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece faces many financial challenges, as is the case with so many other charity groups.  Please help us to continue offering help to those in need. Even a small amount can make the difference.  By donating  30 Euros annually (the equivalent of 2,50 each month) you contribute to the maintenance of the horses.

Or, indicatively, you can undertake the expenses for:

  • the ferrier
  • equestrian equipment
  • horses’ feed
  • veterinary fees
  • sawdust for stables
  • adopting a horse

Our sponsors can be promoted:

Please contact our offices for more information on how you can contribute to the uninterrupted operation of our Association.

Riding is fun, but when it enables the development of abilities that make people’s lives easier and more interesting, then riding becomes a life-giving purpose.

You too can help!

Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece (TRAG)
P. Kanellopoulou 10, 11527 Goudi, Tel./Fax: 210 7488566.

IBAN: GR14 0140 1010 1010 0210 1710 512


IBAN: GR36 0171 5510 0065 5110 9286 832

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