About TRAG

Therapeutic Riding came to Greece in 1983, thanks to the initiative and dedication of Aideen Lewis. The Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece (TRAG) was established in 1992 as a non-profit volunteers’ organization with a solid social goal. One year later, TRAG was also recognized as a sports organization. TRAG is run by a 7-member volunteer Board of Directors. The BoD is elected every 4 years by the General Assembly, and the elected Board then convenes to vote for the officers. The current Board is as follows:
  • President: Dimitris Sakkas
  • Vice-President: Loukia Roka
  • General Secretary: Georgia Metaxa
  • Treasurer: Anna Haikali
  • Member: Aggeliki Manesi
  • Member: Sotiria Chrysanthaki
  • Member: Alexandros Goufas
From its establishment until now, TRAG has:
  • offered therapeutic services to more than 2000 children and 500 adults, offering assistance to many of who have financial difficulties attending such therapies
  • participated in numerous sports events, (local and international), such as Paralympics 2004, Special Olympics 2011.
  • proudly seen its athletes win 15 medals
  • organized an educational program, since 2005, for Therapeutic Riding trainers
  • organized the XIV International Congress of Therapeutic Horse Riding on its premises in 2012
  • contributed to the dissemination of Equine Assisted Therapy, as trainees have opened their own therapeutic riding centers across Greece after the completion of the educational program at TRAG
  • constantly strives to develop awareness of the importance of volunteerism. More than 1.500 volunteers over the years have helped TRAG by offering their services at least 3 hours per week for 10 months annually
TRAG is a member of:
  • Federation of Horses in Education and Therapy International (HETI)
  • Hellenic Equestrian Federation (HEF)
  • European Network “Eurochild” fighting for children’s rights
  • Accredited body of hosting volunteers in the frame of European Voluntary Service (EVS)
  • Accredited body of social care offering services by the Ministry of Health
  • Accredited body for internships of students from universities and colleges
  • Certified body ISO 9001 
TRAG’s personnel consists of professionals of various expertise, all specialized and focusing in Therapeutic Riding.
  • Martina Michaela Schlicht,: special educator, Therapeutic Equestrian Instructor
  • Kleopatra Tsagkari: Physiotherapist, Therapeutic Equestrian Instructor
  • Athanasia Manti: Speech Language Therapist, Therapeutic Equestrian Instructor
  • Lina Koutra: Psychologist, Therapeutic Equestrian Instructor
  • Spyridoula Varvia: Occupational therapist
  • Katerina Theodoulou: Physical Education Trainer, Horse Trainer
TRAG’s personnel includes two more employees:
  • Tzeni Tzirita: Office Administrator, Public Relations
  • Najaf Abbas: Stableman
It’s easy to become a member. Just call or email us to find out how (tel: 210 7488566,  email: therapeuticridinggreece@hotmail.com).  Annual membership fee is €10.
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